Hi-Rez Studio’s Rogue Company is coming out this summer

Hi-Rez Studio’s upcoming team-based shooter, Rogue Company, got its very first gameplay trailer, showing off… uh, I don’t really know what it’s showing off. Seems like a run-of-the-mill third-person shooter to be honest. Hi-Rez also made Smite and Paladins and people quite liked those games, maybe they’ll like this one too?

At least we can get a better idea of what it’s all about today, as the trailer shows this band of unlikely squaddies jumping into a match battle royale style, before fighting off enemies to complete objectives. We also know it’s aiming for a summer release date.

Rogue Company is a band of vigilantes who take on evil baddies in exchange for a big old payout from the government. They sound a bit like Overwatch, if Overwatch were mercenaries.

I can’t help feeling like it looks a bit generic – it doesn’t quite have the gritty look of a game like Siege, but it also doesn’t have a unique cartoony style akin to something like Fortnite. Rogue Company is just kinda stuck in the middle, a little unsure of which way it’s trying to lean. Nat wasn’t totally convinced either when the game was first announced last year.

The maps look kinda cool though, and I’m all for giving it a try when it’s released this summer. When it does come out, it’ll be an Epic exclusive on PC, but it’ll also be available for all those lovely consoles you like – which is important to note, because Rogue Company will support cross-platform play and progression.

If you want to try it out a bit early, you can sign up for the alpha over on their website.

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