Apex Legends is adding brand new modes next week

Apex Legends gets seven modes, comprising of fan favourites and fresh experiences, in the Grand Soirée Arcade Event that kicks off on January 14 (via Push Square).

To celebrate the new decade, Respawn Entertainment has been hard at work implementing seven rotating match modes for Apex Legends. The dress code is black tie, and if you’ve nothing to wear for the occasion, never fear. There are Fancy skins for all of the heroes, with a steampunk Octane, star-spangled Wattson, and art deco Mirage. They’ll be dropped into the core loot pool, or players will be able to buy them for $5.00 in the direct purchase shop, along with a collection of other splendidly sparkly themed cosmetics. The skins in the shop will rotate throughout the event, which begins on January 14.

As for the new modes, the schedule is as follows:

  • January 14 — Gold Rush Duos — a duos mode that only uses Golden Weapons
  • January 16 — Live. Die. Live — dead teammates are revived when the ring closes
  • January 18 — Third Person Mode — players will fight using a third person perspective
  • January 20 — Always Be Closing — the ring continuously closes in on competitors
  • January 22-23 — Armed and Dangerous — only uses shotguns and sniper rifles set in World’s Edge
  • January 24-25 — Kings Canyon After Dark — a traditional battle royale match in the nighttime
  • January 26-28 — Dummies Big Day — a mode that might pit players against AI dummies 

Each of the modes have three unique challenges that are worth a total of 1,000 points, and each mode will be live for two days before switching to the next in the list. Those who try every single mode will be awarded a special badge, and the new prize track system promises to give greater opportunities to rack up rewards. There will also be a Bonus Scoring Weekend, in which an additional set of event-specific challenges will be held, offering winnings of a total of 500 points. This will begin on January 17 at 10:00am PT and end on January 20 at 10:00am PT.

Apex Legends is out now for PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4. Watch the Grand Soirée Arcade Event trailer below.


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