Guns Akimbo trailer: Daniel Radcliffe has gun-hands now

In the world of Jason Lei Howden’s raucous indie action movie Guns Akimbo, the internet is obsessed with a “real life” video game called Skizm, where random people are selected to fight to the death with actual weapons and vehicles. Online troll and all-purpose slacker Miles (Daniel Radcliffe) enjoys the Skizm matches, which are basically like watching popular Fortnite streamers, but with a higher real-world death count. Then he trolls the wrong live stream, and a group of hooligans arrives at his apartment, brutally beats him, bolts guns to his hands, and abducts him into the game.

Again: Miles must fight for his life with guns bolted to his hands, and he’s informed he’s going to die unless he kills the current Skizm champion, the undefeatable Nix (Samara Weaving). It’s like the Jeopardy champion showdown, but with way more blood, chaos, and gun-hands, plus Daniel Radcliffe trying to figure out how to put his pants on without shooting his own groin. It’s like a revenge fantasy against online trolls everywhere, except with the possibility of a redemption arc, and with a lot of physical comedy. Involving gun-hands.

Guns Akimbo comes out on March 5.

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